Dinner in the Intercity Thunder Bay

Dinner in the Intercity Thunder Bay

The Applebee’s restaurant in Thunder Bay is located in the intercity between Lakehead University to the north and Confederation College to the south. The Thunder Bay Country Club is to the west and the Thunder Bay Center is east. So, anytime you visit you’re sure to enjoy the company of a diverse crowd, unlike any other restaurant in Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay residents love the signature Applebee’s menu that serves all taste buds. Whether you’re looking for Napa Chicken and Portobello mushrooms in a red wine sauce, or a good old fashioned burger, the restaurant in Thunder Bay has got something you’ll love.

Students will enjoy Applebee’s laid back atmosphere and affordable prices. I know that students are on a budget, so I recommend a good meal during one of our Neighbourhood Nights. On Mondays, they offer $5 off any burger and on Thursdays they offer $5 off any steak entrée. For the weekends, they have a selection of cocktails and mixed drinks to get the night started.

Of course Applebee’s is a family place! I recommend for you to stop by after a long day of shopping at the Thunder Bay Circle. Families should plan their Christmas shopping on a Wednesday evening when the stores will be less busy. Plus, on Wednesdays your kid’s meals are just $1.99 with the purchase of an adult dish. Weekdays just got better in Thunder Bay!


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