Top 3 Direct Marketing Trends 2017 DRMG

Top 3 Direct Marketing Trends 2017

DRMG is constantly growing and evolving to meet customer’s needs and industry changes. Circulating over 150,000,000 direct mail through our flyer mailing services across Canada, we have access to approximately 5.5. Million homes monthly. Flyer Mailing is a marketing strategy that will help your business share product deals and information, straight to your customer’s doorsteps. This is a marketing trend that just keeps on growing, as more businesses recognize the benefits of flyer mailing.

At the top of the direct mail industry, here are a few other marketing predictions for 2017. With the popular use of social media platforms, businesses will have to work to gain momentum both with both online and hard-copy campaigns.  

  • Immersive content: increased interactions with consumer video content.
  • Live stream content: various social media websites have been adding live streaming options for individuals and business to share in-the moment content.
  • Relevant and responsible campaigns: there has been a shift in the success of campaigns, with more powerful comedic or emotional campaigns going viral on social media.

DRMG has already released 2017’s publication maps and schedules, so you can start planning your flyer mailing and other direct mailing campaigns today! Contact here to speak to a professional about how you can improve your business’s marketing strategy now.


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