Getting Ready to File Your 2016 Income Taxes Softron Tax

Getting Ready to File Your 2016 Income Taxes

Each year the deadline for filing your Individual or Family income tax return for the previous year is April 30th. If April 30th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Canada Revenue Agency will still consider your return as “on time” – if you file before midnight on May 2nd. It’s important to stay on top of your income tax return each year to ensure you are able to find out and receive any benefits you may be entitled to including child and family benefits.  

Here’s what you’ll need to file your taxes:

  1. Gather important documents:
    1. T4 or T5 slips
    2. Receipts (rent, childcare, your child’s extracurricular activities)
    3. Last year’s tax assessment for your reference
  2. File your return: If you’re in Etobicoke or the GTA and are seeking help with filing your income tax return, connect with one of the tax and financial experts at Softron tax located in the Woodbine Centre. A professional can help you maximize your benefits and give you the financial knowledge you need to file your tax returns quickly and efficiently.
  3. Send your return: Your tax and financial expert at Softron will send your tax return electronically to the CRA tax centre.
  4. Make your payment or receive your refund.

Visit Softron at the Woodbine Centre if you have any questions during tax preparation.  They offer a range of services including overseas taxes, financial advisory services, U.S taxes and assessments. Make a tax appointment now!


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