Windows That Make a Small Space Look Bigger ThermoBilt

Windows That Make a Small Space Look Bigger

The comfort of windows is often overlooked because it’s so much part of everyday living.  It’s not until the shades are drawn or until you’re in a room without windows, you start to feel the need for open air and natural light to spill into the room to give yourself that extra comfort.  

No matter the size of the room, windows open up the area taking the room beyond what it really is. As long as the eyes can stretch beyond the room, it begins to feel more spacious. That’s comforting, especially when you live in a family home with children and a lot of activity.  

There are certain window types that particularly provide a sense of roominess like bay or bow windows that project outside of your home. They literally give your more space and allow more light to open up your space.

Changing your window type to one that has more glass can also give more openness to the room like an all glass casement window design that is secured by a hinge on either the left or right side and opens and closes similar to a door. This minimalistic approach will appear sleek and less cluttered in a small space.  

Another helpful design tip: Try removing window dressings to allow more open space against your walls and windows. It will instantly open up the room visually.

Windows That Make a Small Space Look Bigger Thermo Bilt

As you start your next window and home design project, contact Thermo Bilt to view their window style guide. Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors can offer you all of these benefits. For more information or to obtain a free quote, contact Thermo-Bilt. They service Markham and the GTA area located at 3790 Victoria Park Ave #203 in Toronto or 16 Esna Park Drive #106 in Markham.

Their services include: Window Replacement Services Window Installation Services Door Installation Services Door Replacement Services Planning and Designing Rebates and Financing Support.

They can answer any questions and provide the best recommendations for your home’s window and door replacement needs!


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