Why Repeat Flyer Campaigns Actually Work! DRMG Direct Response Media Group

Why Repeat Flyer Campaigns Actually Work!

The fact that your business finds value in using flyer mailing as a marketing strategy shows that you still value the more traditional ways of advertising. It remains as very relevant and effective way of spreading the word about your business. If you’ve tried running a flyer campaign and didn’t immediately get the results you expected, you might actually be losing out on the progress you’ve made by switching between different methods.

The way flyer mailing works is that it’s effectiveness increases with every mail out. Think of it as every time your flyer reaches your targeted audience, you keep your brand and the top of the consumer’s mind. You need to give the campaign enough to saturate into the awareness of your audience by continuing to provide exposure to your brand.

Every campaign doesn’t have to contain the same offer or promotions. Keeping the content fresh is another way to attract attention. Learn from the previous campaign, perhaps the contest didn’t gain enough traction. Try offering a promotion on a new product or service. No matter what you choose to present to your audience, keep the tone consistent with your brand, ensure that every image or statement speaks around your brand.

In most cases, business owner’s can benefit from seeking the expertise of direct mail marketing companies like DRMG.  DRMG can offer strategic planning, premium ad designs…  and more! Contact DRMG today for a free quote and consultation for your small business. 


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