The Best Way To Clean Hockey Equipment The POG

The Best Way To Clean Hockey Equipment

The winter season also means hockey season! While the family fully supports the children’s love for hockey, what they don’t support is the smell that comes with it. Hockey gear and bags can leave a stale and sweaty odour not only on the equipment but around your house as well.

Do what you can to stop the hockey smell from moving around your entire house with the POG. It acts as an air purifier to remove any air contamination. To remove the hockey smell you have a few options: you can place the POG on a 3-hour cycle inside the hockey bag itself, or hang your sports equipment in a closet and place the POG in the room. During this 3 hour cycle, the POG’s air purifier will naturally destroy viruses and odours to remove bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals, deodorizers, and cleansers.

The POG will work effectively around the strong smelling gear so your family can enjoy the sports without the smell. Invite your friends over without having to worry about them noticing the stink around your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about how The POG works as an air purifier, take a look at their website to find out other ways which The POG works around your home. And how it works effectively and naturally.


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