What You Need To Know: Franchising in 2017

What You Need To Know: Franchising in 2017

Over the last year, there have been many legislative changes that will affect how franchisors conduct business in Canada. The Canadian Franchise Association outlined some of the top changes that will affect us in 2016. We’ve compiled a list of other upcoming changes to help if you’re experiencing the possibility of any future franchise disputes in Vaughan.

  1. Joint Employees: predicted as a game changer in the franchise industry, this status allows for franchisors to be subject to any claims under the employment and labour laws.
  2. Bill 38: Coming into force in the new year, British Columbia will introduce the new Franchise Act to protect franchisees. Ontario’s legislation was introduced in 2000 as the Arthur Wishart Act, whereas Bill 102 was created in 2010 to make changes to its claims.
  3. Duty of Good Faith: this status ensures both parties will practice with honesty in regards to the contract agreed upon.
  4. Control vs. Rights: the Pillar to Post decision outlines the differences between a franchisor’s control versus the franchisee’s rights.

These legislation changes have effects and influences the bases surrounding franchise disputes. At Law Works, their professionals are experienced and knowledgeable of these changes and can help you with any consultation or representation needed. Focusing on franchise disputes in Vaughan, their expertise goes beyond the law itself by remaining on top of current changes all around the industry. Contact them for more information about their previous work and how they can help!


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