Prepare Your Swimming Pool – Before The Summer! Total Pro Pools

Prepare Your Swimming Pool – Before The Summer!

Tired of this cold weather already? Stop daydreaming about summer and start preparing for it. Begin preparing your pool to be open and ready when the weather heats up! Nothing is worse than when summer rolls around, and you find out your pool needs major maintenance or repair done before you can begin to use it. Start making a list now of any and all repairs your pool will need done, so you can be better prepared and organized for when it’s time to open it again.

Pool liners may last around 8-12 years. However, due to harsh winters, pool chemicals and overall wear, you may need to replace it sooner than you think. Does your pool need a new liner this season? Here are some of the signs that it is time for a change:

  • If you’re noticing any cracks or tears in your pool liner, this also likely means there could be water leakage.
  • Fading and staining on your pool liner is also a sign that repairs or replacing needs to happen.  
  • Throughout the summer if you’re noticing water loss this can also mean you’re in need a new pool liner.

Total Pro Pools is an expert on all things POOL! Popular for pool liners in the Niagara Region, they can help you with any repairs or replacements needs. Be prepared for this summer and contact them today for more information! Start enjoying your pool ahead of time… So, you can start enjoying your home summer vacation right in the comfort of your own backyard.


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