What’s Next For Franchising in Canada? Law Works

What’s Next For Franchising in Canada?

In recent news, the Ontario’s Business Law Agenda Stakeholder Panel filed a report focusing on changing the Arthur Wishart Act, which includes franchise law as of July 2015. As a growing industry in Canada, they are the second largest franchise industry in the world after the United States. However, this new legislation has led to uncertainty and challenges following these new acts. These legislations put in place are restrictions that make it a challenge for people to start a new franchise – being held up to a standard of near perfection.

These changes also bring uncertainty with franchise disputes and litigation. Not only do franchisors and franchisees have to deal with internal issues and contracts, but they also have to keep up with external changes with their business and its industry.

It can be challenging to keep up with both. So, while customers come to you as an industry expert for your business, people experiencing a franchise dispute look to professionals at Law Works as the industry experts. Providing counselling and representative services, their lawyers are experienced with the changes in franchise law and will be your best choice when looking for help with franchise disputes in Mississauga. Find out more about their work, and why they’re recognized as the leading Franchise & Business Law Firm in Mississauga.


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