How To Easily Remove Odours in Your Car

Your vehicle is something you use multiple times every day. According to Harvard Health Watch, a recent study found the average person spends approximately 101 minutes in their car driving every single day. This is equivalents to an average of 37,935 hours a person will spend driving a vehicle in their lifetime. That is a lot of time spent in an enclosed space!

Spending all of this time in your vehicle means that you don’t want to be stuck in a gross smelling place for that amount of time. The POG is an amazing solution, it is a fast-acting odour remover and it’ll destroy tough odours within minutes. I suggest placing The POG on a 3-hour cycle, and within a few short minutes you will already begin noticing the difference… and refreshing smell!

Try it in your car. It’ll keep your vehicle smelling fresh and clean, leaving no stench behind. Your vehicle can still accumulate a stale smell. One of the best ways to keep your car always smelling fresh is by using an odour remover.

This is a great solution whether you are commuting by yourself every day, driving coworkers or friends, or even employed as a taxi or uber driver. The POG will help keep the air fresh and clean for everyone that steps in your vehicle!

Happy driving.


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