How Flyer Mailing Can Help Your Small Business DRMG

How Flyer Mailing Can Help Your Small Business

At DRMG, they’re experienced in print services for a variety of different types of businesses. Since 1996, they’ve circulated over 150,000,000 direct mail products throughout Canada, reaching approximately 5.5 million homes monthly. Through strong positive ratings from our customers on Google reviews, they also have great testimonials from business owners who have used flyer mailing services.

Experienced in flyer mailing, DRMG has helped generate leads for many businesses. Here are some examples and what they had to say:

  1. Cagney’s is a local historic restaurant recognized for top dining since 1974. They have been working with us for over 15 years and say DRMG is the only advertising they use. They say their positive experiences have been with lead generations, the ability to reach out to new and old customers, and getting business on regularly slow nights.
  2. Exclusive Contractors have 15 years of industry experience, moving from commercial to residential products. They use DRMG for print advertising and are thrilled at their success with client leads through our print campaigns.
  3. RCC Waterproofing is a 3rd generation business and industry leader. They’ve worked with us at DRMG for over 9 years and can rely on us for standard and continuous lead generation through print. They love knowing that people will see their business on a flyer inside their home!  

Flyer mailing is a proven method for generating business leads. If you’re interested in gaining leads and increasing sales, talk to DRMG about print opportunities, today!  


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