HVAC installation in Mississauga Aire One

When Should You Get HVAC Installation?

For some homeowners, they’d prefer to call a professional service like Air One to carry out any HVAC inspections. However, some prefer to do it themselves. A task that should be done twice a year, it involves checking the filters, checking for any ductwork problems, firing up and inspecting the furnace flames, and checking the thermostat to ensure it is functioning properly. Regular inspection will ensure that if any problems occur or potential repairs are in the future, the homeowner can take the proper steps to ensure the HVAC system’s efficiency isn’t damaged any more.

While repairs may be an option, sometimes the HVAC system needs complete replacing. A furnace will typically last 15-20 years, while an air conditioner will last only 10-15 years. It is important to check the date of the last HVAC installation to determine when the next installation is needed. Before making any decisions, it is always best to bring in a professional like Air One to complete an inspection to see if HVAC installation is the next step, or if the system only needs repairs.

Maintenance can be done by knowledgeable homeowners, however it is recommended to contact a professional for HVAC installation as the process can be quite difficult. HVAC installations involve multiple steps, and require the expertise and quality service that a professional will offer.


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