Spring Cleaning by Removing Smells with The POG

Start Your Spring Cleaning by Removing Smells!

With great news of a predicted early spring from Canada’s Groundhog, it is time to start thinking about summer plans. Some common summer activities include boating, camping, and visiting the cottage. As the warm weather begins, it is time to start preparing for these activities, by bringing out the boat, airing out the camper, and unlocking the cottage. However, after months of being cooped up, sometimes these processes take longer than desired. This is often due to the smell of storage and mildew that has accumulated from either being unused or locked in a garage.

One solution for this is by using The POG odour eliminator, it can help remove smells faster and more efficiently. Placing one in the camper on a 3 hour cycle as it is being aired out will help in removing the smell of stale odours and bacteria buildup. Secondly, before taking the boat out on the water, placing The POG in the cabin will help prevent not only stale odours, but also strong sea odours. Finally, the POG is a necessity at the cottage in common areas to freshen up the rooms. Accidents happen, and sometimes food is unfortunately left inside the cottage fridge during the winter season. After clearing out the food, The POG is also an efficient device to remove smells from inside the fridge!

There are a variety of uses for The POG, making it a necessity for every family, keeping the air clean and odours away!


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