rock salt supplier Draglam Salt you can depend on

Rock Salt Supplier You Can Depend On

Business owners are not only responsible for servicing their customers, they also have an added task of maintaining their property, which is especially important during harsh winters. After a big snowstorm, business owners have to wake up extra early in order to get to their business to shovel their parking lot and walk-way for their customers. Under occupier’s liability, they are responsible for maintaining the safety of any customer invited onto their property. With this, it is important they are aware of these necessary steps for precaution of any injuries.

While sometimes the actual owner of the property is expected for landscaping and snow removal, sometimes the responsibility is on the tenant (business owner) of the property.  There are many options for business owners to either service another company for snow removal, or they can do it themselves!

Draglam Salt is recognized as Ontario’s rock salt suppliers, as they provide dependable supply and spread bulk salt services. They offer regular service, able to handle any parking lot or roadway. Whether the owner decides to contract out snow removal, or purchase from a rock salt supplier, Draglam Salt is a great option! Providing a variety of liquid and solid materials, they also provide environmentally-friendly alternatives to those worried about the impact salt can have on the ecological drawbacks.


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