interlocking patios west gta

How To Keep Your Interlocking Patios Looking It’s Best

A nice interlocking patio can improve the overall aesthetic of a home. Some of the benefits of interlocking patios are the lack of maintenance involved compared to other patio solutions. With concrete and paved patios, sometimes over time, patios start to develop cracks, misalignment or bulges. When deciding to use Synergy Contracting to install a new interlocking patio for West GTA homes, exposing why the previous patio developed cracks could help reduce the risk of future issues with any newly installed patio.

While in most cases, the cause of the issues stem from the patio being installed a long time ago, sometimes the problem comes from below the surface. First, if it was a previously installed interlocking patio, remove one or two of the stones. Using a screwdriver will help wiggle the stone out of place without disrupting the rest of the design. Next, in order to find out what is happening underneath, remove some of the leveling base sand. This will help with determining if there was a ground shift, sand shift, growth of new roots, eroded gravel or sand, or if there were any systemic problems. After finding out the cause of the problem, this will help the professional installing the new interlocking patio ensure the same issue won’t occur again.

Synergy Contracting has amazing reviews online from customers praising their services with interlocking patios West GTA. With professional and courteous staff, I always recommend their services to my neighbors looking to freshen up their patio’s overall look!


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