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Ten Benefits of Softron’s Tax Preparation Courses

The first tax season can be daunting. This is why it is important to be researched in tax preparation, so when the season rolls around there won’t be any lingering questions. By using Softron, this is one way to have these questions answered!

As a single woman living in the city with a full time job, I was fully on my own. I didn’t know anything about filing taxes and wasn’t aware of any tax savings options I could take advantage of. After meeting with the professionals at Softron tax, I was given tips on these options. Learning about starting an RRSP, claiming tuition, rent receipts and more –  I feel I have a better understanding for when I go into my second tax season. Upon recommendation, I signed up for Softron’s tax course to learn the skills I need in order to get the most of my money after filing.

Softron lists 10 benefits of taking their courses, and after taking the course, I feel confident that I can have these benefits.

  1. Save Money Doing Your Own Taxes
  2. Make Tax Laws Work For You
  3. How to Prepare and File Tax Returns
  4. Proven Tax Saving Ideas
  5. Know about New Changes to Canadian Tax Laws
  6. How to Maintain Necessary Tax Records
  7. A Marketable Skill That Will Always Be In Demand
  8. Free Educational Software
  9. Upon Completion, Successful Students will Receive “Certificate of Accomplishment”.
  10. Real Life Case Study To Give You Hands On Experience

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