The Wonderful Uses of Rock Salt

Rock salt is primarily known as a solution used for deicing and removing snow on the roads.However, it has other purposes as well. It is a mineral form of sodium chloride that we also use in water treatment, animal and chemical industries. Formed by the evaporation of salty sea water rock salt is deposited in dry lake beds, inland marginal seas, bays, and estuaries.

It has been used for animal nutrition, specifically by farmers as a supplement for cattle. It has also been used on plants to provide the missing nutritional needs. Present in the food industry as well, it is used with meat and fish to ensure conservation over time. Rock salt is also used for softening hard water to be used as raw materials. Finally, rock salt is used as an exfoliating agent – offered by many spas in their beauty packages.

Focusing more on its use for deicing and removal of snow, it is important to talk to professionals at Draglam Salt. They know the proper ways of applying it to reduce the risk of environmental damage. Before applying the rock salt, shovel the snow away from the area. After watching the salt melt away the ice, remove the ice with a brush or a shovel. If necessary, apply more salt afterwards. Remember to always monitor the weather conditions to ensure it is cold enough for salt application.


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