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How To Promote Your Brand Before a Trade Show

Trades Shows attract hundreds, sometimes thousands of people. Thus, the reason it’s one of best ways for a business to really get out there and promote their brand.  Participating in a trade show for your business can be a big investment: the cost for the booth, signage, marketing material, promotional products, and more all adds up.  Which is why it’s become even more important to have a marketing plan in mind beforehand. It starts with planning how you’re going to market your business before, during, and after the trade show.

Believe it or not, the most traditional way of marketing is still one of the most effective methods: flyer distribution by direct mail.  Social content can be so overly congested that most of the time it just flies over the minds of its readers.  A well designed flyer, mailed directly into the hands of your targeted audience can actually work really well.  

During the show, consider hosting a giveaway as an incentive for people to take a closer look at your product or brand, by providing their contact information to become potential leads.

After the show, have a flyer designed to attract the attention of the people who displayed interest in your brand during the trade show by entering them in a contest. Whether you send a coupon by flyer distribution or you go with an e-mail newsletter, reach out to these potential leads while you have the momentum going and you’re still fresh in the mind of potential customers.

For more information on direct mail and flyer distribution, contact Direct Response Media Group, Canada’s largest direct mail marketing company, focused on the design & delivery of effective direct mail advertising.


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