furnace installation

How To Reduce Static Electricity In Your Home

During the colder months when the furnace is running you may notice the air is more dry than usual, your skin feels itchy, and there’s static cling on the surfaces of your carpet or furniture. These are not just symptoms of cold weather, but rather there is a lack of moisture in the air.

Are you shocking your family members with static when you lean in for a hug? Or your hair looks like it’s flying off your head and sticking to your face after you’ve pulled a sweater over your head? It sounds funny, but we know how annoying it can get day after day!

Being in the business of heating and cooling, we’re often asked by homeowners how they can reduce the static electricity in their home and the solution is simple: increase the humidity level in your home, the water particles in the air will break up the static charges and will get rid of those pesky electrons. Air quality is a big part of keeping your family’s health, especially for those who suffer from asthma and sore throats.  

Ask Aire One about installing a humidifier that will run with your HVAC system to deliver optimum levels of humidity throughout your home. Aire One offers quality furnace installation, maintenance, and repairs. An experienced technician can visit your home and provide a full inspection of the air quality, they will offer their best recommendation to keep your home’s air quality comfortable all year round!


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