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Franchise agreement for Tim Horton's top franchises in Canada

Franchise Agreements: The Top 5 Franchises in Canada

If you are thinking about purchasing a franchise, it’s important to ensure you thoroughly understand the franchise agreement prior to making a decision. A franchise agreement is a legally binding contract which details the franchisors terms and conditions for the franchisee. Canada is home to many top franchises, so it’s important to evaluate your options.

To help with your decision-making process, here are 5 of the top franchises in Canada:

Tim Hortons

A Canadian coffeehouse favourite, Tim Hortons was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario and has grown into the largest quick service restaurant chain in Canada with over 3,600 stores nationwide. The franchise is headquartered in Oakville but restaurants can now be found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Sub

This popular sandwich shop was actually founded in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood in 1968 and has grown to include 317 units.

Second Cup

Though Second Cup has not grown as large as Tim Hortons, the niche coffee chain has certainly established a following. Headquartered in Mississauga, Second Cup was founded in 1975 and now has over 360 store locations.

Pizza Pizza

For many Canadians, Pizza Pizza has grown into somewhat of a Friday night tradition. The chain was founded in 1967 in Toronto and now has over 700 units spread throughout Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Western Canada.

Canadian Tire

Founded in 1922, Canadian Tire is the only retail franchise to make the list. With over 350 locations, the brand has certainly become a “go-to” for various automotive items, home goods, and sport and leisure products.

If you have questions about your franchise agreement or have become involved in a franchise dispute, contact Law Works in Mississauga.


Franchise business agreement opens business to customers.

How Franchises Will Be Affected By Ontario’s Changing Workplaces Review

There are new changes happening to Ontario’s employment and labour laws. On May 23rd 2017, the Ontario government released its report to the Changing Workplaces Review. This is one of the most comprehensive and largest changes to the labour laws in the last 30 years. The Review covered broader employment issues to protect workers. They consolidated three acts: the Employment Standards Act, 2000, the Labour Relations Act, 1995 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act into the “Workplace Rights Act.”

Key takeaways to consider for the Changing Workplaces Review:

  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • Overtime and Hours of Work
  • Leaves; personal emergency, bereavement, sick days.
  • Equal Pay
  • Enforcement
  • Specific sector changes to labour relations

The Review has peaked interest among franchisors, as changes to the prevailing legislation could have imposed joint employer status on franchisors for employees of their franchisees. To the relief of the franchisors, the Report does not recommend a franchisor be deemed to be a joint employer with its franchisees. However, it does make recommendations to allow employees of multiple franchises (of the same brand) to bargain centrally with representatives in one geographical area.

Are you a franchise owner? Unsure d how these recommendations may affect your business? Stay informed. Contact Law Works, one of Canada’s leading experts in business disputes, including debtor-creditor rights, class actions, lease agreements, professional negligence, trademark infringement, shareholder disputes, joint ventures, misrepresentations, injunctions, insolvencies and receiverships.

Law Works franchise lawyers are happy to discuss how Ontario’s Changing Workplaces Review may affect your franchise operations.

Closing swimming pool before the summer ends.

Pool Closing: 10 To-Do Steps Before Winter Hits

When the leaves start falling and the temperature begins to cool, those are the signs you’re in pool closing season. But before you say goodbye to diving boards, cannonballs, and Marco Polo, there are few things you should consider before closing up and putting the cover over your pool.

Follow these 10 Pool Closing Steps to guarantee your pool is properly sanitized and set for the cold winter months ahead:

Preparing pool closing supplies

Don’t get stuck rummaging through drawers and storage at the last minute trying to locate that one specific return plug or attachment piece you just can’t find. Prepare your items ahead of time.

Organize pool equipment

Check off a list of all the pool accessories you’ll need; everything from the anchor hex key, brass anchors, winter pool plugs, or water bags and air pillows.

Balance the pool water

Probably the most important part of closing your pool water is to care for the pool’s chemistry. Make sure the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels are properly aligned.

Add stain and scale prevention

Use a metal chelating agent that protects against staining. Wait a day to ensure the chelating agent has activated with the scale before supplementing with other pool closing chemicals. Once it’s set, give the pool a thorough scrubbing to remove any stains before closing.  

Use chlorine

Increase the chlorine levels to a stronger level. This will shock and kill off algae and harmful bacteria. After adding chlorine, brush the pool and vacuum sediments the following day.

Over-filter the pool water

Run the pool pump for 24 hours for a few days before closing the pool – add a dose of clarifier when running the pool pump. Over-filtering makes sure the pool water is as pure as possible (a neutral pH balance) which can reduce stains and potential algae development during the fall and winter.

Shock the pool with non-chlorine shock

After running the pool pump filter, give the pool a non-chlorine shock. This helps oxidize contaminants in the water without affecting the winter algaecide.

Add algaecide to the pool

Prevent algae from growing in the upcoming winter months. Lower the pool’s water levels and add an algaecide before covering up the pool.

Close the pool with a mesh cover

Once you’ve completed the above steps, grab a partner to close your pool. It’s best to use a mesh safety cover which will keep snow and debris out of the pool.

Once you finish these steps, your pool will be officially closed for the season!  

These steps should be part of your regular pool routine. But if you’re unfamiliar with pool closing techniques it’s best to get a professional to close your pool. Total Pro Pools are the pool experts who understand and are experienced in the steps leading up to closing your pool. Contact Total Pro Pools to help make the winterizing process smoother and pool opening easier too!

Direct mail advertising in Greater Toronto Area mailboxes.

How to Use Direct Mail to Target Customers in the GTA

If you are looking to grow your business, direct mail advertising is a highly effective way to target customers in the GTA. Unlike digital marketing which employs a mass-mailing approach, direct mail is much more curated and personalized, thus giving it an advantage in a world where consumers are constantly being targeted by email ads and other forms of digital advertising.

Find out how direct mail advertising uses a strategic approach to target customers and why it generates a higher response rate than conventional digital advertising.

Understand your target market

It’s important to understand your target market before devising a direct mail campaign. This means familiarizing yourself with the demographic that is relevant to your good or service. For instance, a company that offers residential interior decorating services may wish to target homeowners between the ages of thirty and sixty who have a certain level of disposable income. Furthermore, understanding the shopping behaviours, attitudes towards trends, and lifestyle habits of your target customers can help you determine the best way to communicate your message.

Determine a targeted mailing list

Your direct mail service provider can help you use the leads you have acquired through market research to target customers who will likely be interested in your product or service. As well, they can work with you to determine which particular direct mail medium, such as a flyer, brochure, or magazine, is most likely to resonate with your audience. Targeted mailing lists may be more research intensive than a mass-market approach, but they often generate a better response rate and foster a sense of brand loyalty. Most importantly, they enable you to pinpoint your best leads so there is less waste and a higher response rate.

To expand your business’ reach in the GTA, find out how to launch an effective direct mail campaign today!

Little Pumpkin Fall Kids Birthday Party

Kids Fall Birthday Celebrations in Toronto: At-Home Party Tips

Now that fall is in full swing and the warm weather is winding down in Toronto, the days of outdoor parties and backyard celebrations are behind us. We know that it can be hard to think of fun and creative ways to celebrate your kids birthday indoors without getting too stressed out with all the logistics, planning, and cleanup involved.

Here are some at-home party tips to help you plan an enjoyable and memorable birthday for your child:

Strive for easy cleanup

Planning a kids birthday party is enough work on its own, so you want to do your best to minimize post-party cleanup. Do your best to bring in entertainers or caterers who will take care of the cleanup for you so long as it falls within your budget.

Incorporate the season

The weather can be unpredictable this time of year so if you want to avoid last minute plan changes and minimize disappointment, indoor parties are your best bet. Rather than thinking of the cold weather as a party pooper, use the season to your advantage; take advantage of the abundance of fall decorations in store, or if your child’s birthday party falls close to Halloween, consider a “spooky” themed celebration.

Plan creative activities

Planning activities ahead of time is the best way to ensure your kids birthday party is a success. While adults don’t need constant stimulation, kids enjoy participating in the action so they don’t get bored. Depending on the age range of your guests, popular ideas include arts and crafts, painting, and cake decorating.

If you live in the Toronto area and are looking to plan an entertaining and delicious kids birthday celebration with no prep work or cleanup,  contact Chocolate Tales Kids for a chocolate making party that comes to you.

A Basic Understanding of Corporate Law

A society needs laws to keep the peace and to keep the values and morals of that society in check. And with a vast and complicated legal system, comes a need for people to specialize in each category of law.

Some of these categories include:

  • Criminal law
  • Corporate law
  • Immigration law
  • Family law
  • Civil litigation
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Personal injury law

Zayouna Law is a firm that is highly respected and trusted in dealing with corporate law, and going to a specialized legal team will help you get the best representation possible.

What is corporate law?

The definition of a corporation is “a body formed and authorized by law to act as a single person although constituted by one or more persons and legally endowed with various rights and duties including the capacity of succession.” It sounds intense, but in layman terms, a corporation has most of the same rights and responsibilities that an individual possesses.

Corporate or business law is the form of law that governs the formation, dissolution and governance of corporations. There are some exceptions for some corporations that are not governed in the same way. Charities, universities and cities can be incorporated, but corporate law is primarily concerned with corporations that are for profit.

How can corporate lawyers help their clients?

The three major issues that corporate law deals with include conflicts between outside creditors of the company and its shareholders, conflicts between shareholders and corporate managers, and conflicts between majority and minority shareholders.

There are a few main strategies corporate lawyers employ to try and resolve conflicts between managers and shareholders. The law imposes on managers and directors the duty of being fair, diligent and loyal to their shareholders. They also give shareholders the ability to obtain assistance from the courts when they believe there has been an abuse of power in management. Also, they require that the corporation discloses all important information to their shareholders. Corporate lawyers help all stakeholders execute these rights and responsibilities.

What you need to know about corporate lawyers

First off, a lot of the work corporate lawyers do is not in a courtroom. Essentially, they do most of their job behind a desk or mediation table. Corporate lawyers prepare various documents, conduct research for their clients ahead of important transactions, draft documents and maybe most importantly, walk their clients through legal documents and make sure they fully understand what they are signing.

Corporate lawyers have to be able to go from the mundane, like working on standard contracts to managing world-shaking acquisitions and mergers. The best corporate lawyers are able to cover both ends of the spectrum with skill and tenacity.

Corporate lawyers are extremely important in keeping companies and their shareholders in check, while also making sure everyone is honest and on the same page. It might not be the flashiest type of lawyer, but it is an integral job to our society, where corporations need to be held accountable for their actions, much like an individual should be as well.

If you’re interested in getting into corporate law or learning more, read this  on one person’s passion for corporate law.

Replacement window installation by professional

Five Benefits of Installing New Windows

Are you in need of new windows or are you considering a replacement window installation? Either way, it’s important to ensure that your windows are working efficiently. Old windows can be prone to drafts, can reduce energy efficiency, and can decrease the effectiveness of your design.

With the right windows, you can:

Maximize Daylight

One of the main purposes of windows in your home is to let natural light into space. Your home feels brighter and fresher with more natural light entering your rooms.

Skylights are a great way to do this – they increase the amount of light entering your home by 30%. Skylights help balance the light that is coming through your windows and therefore reduces glare and creates a more open feeling. Bay windows are another popular option to help you maximize daylight throughout your home.

Did you know that as you age, your eyes require double or triple the amount of light to see? This means an investment in installing or replacing your windows to let in more natural light is an investment in your vision!

Energy Efficiency

By allowing more natural light into your home, you will reduce the number of hours using other electrical light sources. The benefits of this are twofold. First, it will help you save on your monthly utility bill as a result of cutting your electricity consumption. Secondly, solar energy is a renewable resource that can help light and heat your home without causing negative damage to the environment.

Visual Appearance

Many interior decorators suggest bow windows, bay windows, and skylights simply for their visual appeal. These options add longevity in the décor world making them a smart investment aesthetically. In turn, the increased sunlight will highlight other décor efforts you have made.

More Privacy

Cities are becoming increasingly dense and finding a home that does not have a neighbour directly next door (and visible through a window) is often difficult. The main downside to this trend is a lack of privacy within the home. Often, people feel that they are on display for their neighbours through their windows.

To fix this problem, people install blinds that they keep closed much of the time. When the blinds are closed, the amount of natural light entering your home is limited.

Double hung windows or casement windows that are positioned high on the wall are popular ways to increase privacy in areas like a bedroom or bathroom, but arguably installing skylights is the only way to ensure you still receive sunlight while also maintaining complete privacy.

In new homes that are being built, it is often suggested to install just skylights in rooms such as the bathroom and the bedroom where you desire increased levels of privacy.

Overall Wellbeing

have shown that sunlight and vitamin D increase overall well-being. With a sufficient amount of sunlight, you are likely to be in a better mood, feeling healthier and happier overall. Large double-hung windows, casement windows and skylights can help with this even in the winter when it is too cold for you to spend a lot of time outdoors. Instead, you can soak up the sun’s rays and natural light from the comfort of your own home.

Next time you are ready for new windows or a replacement window installation, consider trying a new style of window! You won’t regret taking advantage of the benefits large casement windows, double hung windows and skylights offer, including increased light, improved energy efficiency, heightened levels of privacy, and overall happier, healthier way of life!

Ways To Get Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

It’s coming… snow, ice and slush-covered roads slowing down our daily commutes, but we have time to consider how we can prepare our vehicle to drive as safely as possible this winter. Here are a few things that should be done before that fluffy, white stuff engulfs the roads – and our lives!

Winter Tires are a MUST

There seems to be some confusion around if winter tires make a difference or not. Though they aren’t mandatory in Ontario, they are recommended by the government. And if you’re on the fence about them, check out this video and decide for yourself.

Winter tires should be put on when the daily temperature hits around 7 degrees C. You should make sure you get four of the same size, make and model for optimal performance, and make sure you keep them at the right pressure. And unless you’re a mechanic, you should have a professional put the tires on for you. An added bonus (besides possibly saving your life) is that you can save around 5% on fuel and your insurance by having them. What could be better than being safe and saving a little money? More info on why winter tires are vital can be found here.

Get your brakes checked out

Those new winter tires aren’t going to be at their sharpest if your brakes need work. If they are squeaky or if you have to hammer the brake pedal to the floor, you should look at getting new brakes or brake pads.

If you’re looking for brakes in Mississauga, check out Xtreme Tire Garage for brakes, tires and a whole lot more.

The statistics on winter accidents in Ontario are staggering. In addition to ensuring your tires and brakes are working properly, remember to always leave multiple car lengths in front of you at all times. brake when making a turn and if you have anti-lock brakes (ABS), make sure you don’t “pump” them, but keep an even amount of pressure on the pedal. Also, always give yourself extra time when driving in winter. We know a large percentage of accidents happen when people are speeding or in a hurry. So, relax, drive cautiously and get to where you need to go safely.

Should you rustproof your car?

Rustproofing is one of those things that has gotten a bad rap. It has become a joke involving greasy car salespeople trying to bilk you out of some extra cash, but if you know anything about rust, then you know that it can eat away at the underbelly of your car. Salt, sand and other ice-melting solutions can wreak havoc on your undercarriage. Vital components of your car, such as the gas tank, suspension, muffler and exhaust, can be eaten away by rust, and cost you a fortune in repair bills. And yes, there is a difference between rustproofing and undercoating.

To go along with getting the outside of your car ready, you should also look at what you can do on the inside to prepare for winter. All cars should have an emergency kit in the trunk. These items can come in handy if you ever get stuck out somewhere in bad weather. Blankets, a first-aid kit, matches and some non-perishable food items are essential. Be prepared, but most importantly: be safe this winter.

How To Find A Professional Personal Injury Lawyer in Toronto

Finding a great personal injury lawyer is key in helping you get the compensation you are seeking following an injury. Being involved in an accident is a physically and emotionally debilitating experience and the personal injury process that follows can be incredibly taxing. Thus, it’s important to hire an attorney you trust to represent your interests whilst helping to facilitate a comfortable legal process.

The following tips can help you find a great personal injury lawyer to handle your case so you can feel confident that a solid claim will be built on your behalf.

Pick a firm that does personal injury law exclusively.

Personal injury law is an intricate and complex field. Therefore, it is vital to put your case in the hands of someone who is proficient with handling personal injury cases. While you may know a lawyer who is extremely successful within their field of work, such as divorce law or corporate law, they lack the experience necessary to try personal injury cases in court. This often leads to insurance companies low-balling accordingly, so it’s best to choose an attorney who specializes in personal injury to ensure good quality representation. Apart from this, try to select a personal injury lawyer with a proven history of high verdicts and settlements who is willing to let you contact past clients if you wish.

Choose an attorney that is willing to take your case to trial if necessary.

Be sure to choose a lawyer that has a history of taking personal injury cases to trial if necessary. It may seem obvious, but in fact, many attorneys who handle personal injury claims have never been to trial so they pressure their clients to settle for a pittance. Insurance companies tend to be very aggressive so you want to hire a lawyer who can stand his or her ground and is willing to go to trial to prevent them from making outlandish offers and ensuring they are cooperative in trying to settle your case.

Ensure a level of professionalism and willingness to answer your questions.

When choosing an attorney to take on your case, you want to look for a set of traits which indicate compassion, practicality, and effectiveness. Look around their office and ensure it appears professional. Many personal injury cases tend to be costly and time-consuming to prepare so they should have enough resources to properly build your case. Additionally, it’s important not to overlook the personality of the attorney as you will likely be spending a significant amount of time working together. Look for someone who is attentive and willing to thoroughly outline the entire process. Also, it’s important they are able to explain complicated legal terms in a simple and comprehensible matter. You should avoid a lawyer who seems impatient or dismissive when you are asking questions and gives unrealistic compensation guarantees.

If you were hurt in an accident and are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, contact Zayouna Law Firm.


3 Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace & Air Conditioner

While summer isn’t quite over yet, fall is quickly approaching. That means, preparing your home for the unpredictable temperatures by making sure both your furnace and air conditioner are working properly. By caring for and maintaining your home’s heating and cooling systems, you can ensure your comfort and safety through the changing seasons whilst reducing your power costs.

Here are the top 3 tips for maintaining your furnace and air conditioner:

Clean and replace filters regularly.

It’s important to clean or replace your furnace filters every 3 months, even during warmer seasons. Clogged filters reduce airflow and cause your furnace motor to work harder which uses more energy and consequently, increases your power costs. Proper filter maintenance and care prevents premature wear of your heating and cooling systems.

Keep area around condenser unit clear.

Most central air conditioners exchange hot air for cold through an outdoor compressor unit. In order to work optimally, these units need clear surroundings. Try to remove any debris or leaves around the unit and prune or trim any grass, weeds, or shrubs in the surrounding area to avoid obstruction of airflow from the condenser fan.

Be proactive with scheduling service calls.

Your furnace and air conditioner require regular professional maintenance so it’s important to schedule a service call with your technician at least once a year (ideally, at the beginning of the season) to help ensure they are working correctly. This helps keep your unit is in good working order and prevents breakdowns during peak season.

For all your heating and cooling maintenance, repair, and replacement needs, contact Aire One. With over 25 years of experience, competitive pricing, and 24 hour emergency service, you can rest assured you are receiving top quality care.