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Roofing materials and components

Roofing Components You Should Know About

In residential roofing the same basic types of roofs have been in use for hundreds of years are still in use today. The shingle — or tile — has been in use for thousands of years. You can still find intact tiles that have been in use 5,000 years. Here’s everything you need to know about roofing materials and definitions.

Roof Components


The underlayment of a roof is the black paper that’s laid over the plywood sheeting in order to seal the roof from damaging elements (snow, rain, ice, etc.). The use of a membrane is typically required, a waterproof membrane, a sweat sheet or vapour barrier — with the underlayment paper serving the triple function.


Flashing on a roof refers to the metal pieces that are used to divert water from places where it might collect, such as hips and valleys. Flashing can be made from a variety of materials. You can use a galvanized flashing, a galvanized alloy, copper, lead coated copper or stainless steel. Each of these would work fine.

Shingles, Tile or Metal

The shingles or tiles make up the outermost part of the roof. Sitting atop the underlayment, they form the outermost barrier against the elements. Despite their history, however, shingles and tiles are just two among many types of materials you can use to cover the roof. Others include concrete, wood shingles or metal.


The trim protects the seams anywhere there is a roof, such as a hip or a ridge.

Roof Design Elements

  • Ridge — This is the highest point or peak of the roof.
  • Hip — This is the high point where two adjoining roof sections meet.
  • Valley — When two sections of the roof slope downward and meet, they create this third element — a valley.
  • Pitch — This refers to the slope or steepness of the roof.
  • Eaves — This refers to the part of the roof that hangs over the rest of the home.
  • Gables — These are the triangular portions of the ends of the home, which extend from the eaves to the peak of the roof.
  • Dormer — These are the sections of the home that extrude from the roof. They’re usually added as a way to bring light into an attic or the upper level of your home.

Professional Roofing Installation

At Superior Steel Roofing, you can rest assured you’re receiving top quality materials and workmanship when it comes to your roof installation. They specialize in a range of roofing services for properties of all sizes and designs. You don’t have to worry about future repairs, as both the materials and installation come with manufacturer warranties. Get your roof replaced to the best industry standards, you can rely on Superior Steel Roofing. Contact them today at 519-822-4818 for a FREE estimate!

House and roof covered in snow during winter.

How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Winter is here. And it’s best to be prepared for the of harsh cold and snow coming our way. Even more so, it’s still important to properly prepare your roof for the season.

With that being said, here are our top tips for preparing your roof for winter:

Clean the Gutters

Leaves have been slowly falling from the trees around your house for the past couple months. And while the falling leaves are certainly beautiful, they can do a lot of damage to your roof if you forget to clean them out of the gutters. Clogged gutters cause water to build up and overflow onto your roof, which in turn can cause costly water damage to your roof. So be sure to clean the gutters

Locate Any Leaks

While you’re checking out the gutters, pay attention to any potential water leaks. It’s always a good idea to stay on the lookout for leaks, as they are much easier – and less expensive – to fix if you can catch them early on. But this is especially important during the changing seasons. Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky leaks and get them taken care of before they become a bigger issue.

Be Aware of Ice and Snow

When ice and snow build up on a roof over time, both can cause significant – and costly – damage to the roof . So, if we do happen to experience an extensive snow storm, don’t forget to check the roof once it’s finished and clear away anything that has piled up.

Is Your Home Set for Winter?

Paying attention to these small details now can save you a lot of time and money down the road. Be sure to take the time to check these items out. If you do need help fixing your roof any issues related to your shingles and gutters anything related to your roof, contact Superior Steel Roofing or call 1-888-617-7663 for your home roofing needs!

window replacement

Window Replacements: Selecting the Right Time & Company

Windows are multipurpose by elevating curb appeal and providing an essential functional element, which is why the maintenance and care of windows is vitally important. Depending on the age of windows and the quality of the product, there will come a time for window replacements. Ensuring you select the right company is as important as the quality of the window itself.

For over 40 years, family owned company Custom Window Designs has been installing and upgrading homes in the GTA and beyond. Below are a few guarantees you receive when selecting Custom Window Designs for your window replacements:

A Reputable Company

Custom Window Designs is a member of CWDMA, a standard recognized as one of the best in the industry, and is backed by a written 5-year workmanship guarantee and an exclusive 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Highest Quality Products

Providing factory direct windows, and offering a wide variety of products, allow you to select the right product for your home. Custom Windows Designs windows are also virtually “maintenance free” due to the care and quality of construction.

Skilled & Dedicated Team

The staff represents over 150 years of combined experience in installation and custom fabricating. Custom Window Designs uses no subcontractors guaranteeing all employees are fully trained installation specialists and complete projects with the highest quality of workmanship.

You can count on the experience of Custom Window Designs to do things right. They can complete window replacements efficiently and correctly. Contact Custom Window Designs today for your FREE QUOTE.

egress windows mississauga

Stop Basement Water Leaks With E-gress Windows

Have you noticed large watermarks on your basement walls? or puddles forming? Your basement windows may be the problem. Perhaps your old windows are no longer getting the job done right – and it’s something you can’t ignore. The water leaks can cause extensive damage, including mold. In older homes, basements weren’t necessarily designed to be lived in, so it’s not unusual after a long period of time the windows just aren’t up to par for what you need right now.

If you’re next home improvement job includes waterproofing your basement, to make it a more livable area for your family to enjoy, then egress window replacements should also be included on this list! Here’s why:

Better Safety

Egress windows give the home that added safety by providing an alternate route of escape in the case of fire or emergencies. An installed egress window in every room in the basement ensures that every person in the home has access to a safe exit at all times.

Brighter Light

Egress windows will replace the dingy old windows and allow natural light to pour into your basement, turning an otherwise dark room into a well-lit and functional area.

More Open Space

If you’re planning on finishing your basements, an egress window makes for a great addition to the open space a basement provides.

Prevents Basement Leaks

Your brand new egress windows will replace your old, leaky windows and stop unwanted water from entering your basement.

For more information on the cost of egress windows, designs, and installation contact Custom Window Designs. Their experienced window and door professionals can provide you a full assessment based on your homes unique designs. Book an appointment for a free quote today!

landscaping in mississauga

Spring Showers, Brings May Landscaping!

With all of this rain we’ve been experiencing so far, I’m expecting some beautiful May flowers to flourish. Even though rainy days can put a stop to fun plans, this means for better chances that my garden will start to come together earlier in the summer.

This season, I’m hoping to make some changes to my home landscaping, and add new flowers and designs that will set it apart from my neighbor’s’ homes. Below are some tips and ideas for creating the ideal landscape design.

Flower Power

One powerful landscaping technique to improve the home’s exterior is with beautiful and bright flowers. I decided to pick my favourite: The Iris. With its nice blue and yellow colouring it will go great with my home’s tan coloured front door.

Planters & Baskets

I personally love the look of hanging planters, so I decided to add a few along the walkway to my front door. I also added 2 to my backyard right above my deck. I choose the Latana flower because it is perennial, meaning it will regrow every spring!  


Adding an interlocking patio and driveway will add more textures and shapes to my overall outdoor aesthetic. It is a great way to add colour, artistry, and a personalized touch to my home.

Professional Services

With all of these changes in mind I’ve decided to call Synergy Contracting to complete the interlocking design and landscaping needs. This will save me time and energy on my outdoors, where I can spend more of my time off having fun with the family… and you can too!

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How Efficient Are Your Energy-Efficient Windows?

The warm weather is here! As much as we love the idea of hot sunny weather, some of us dread the cost of energy bills to keep our homes cool all summer. It brings to mind the question of whether or not your home is as energy-efficient as possible, or is the money you pay for energy bills just seeping out the cracks of old windows and doors in your home?

When it comes to energy-efficient windows, they consist of a vinyl window frame and are usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with ultraviolet light (UV) stabilizers to keep sunlight from breaking down the material. Essentially, you can enjoy the natural sunlight coming through your home without it completely heating the area it reaches. A vinyl window frame is a strong, durable, yet low-maintenance option. It effectively reduces heat transfer and helps insulate your home better. Another way to amp up the efficiency of windows is to choose a window type with multiple panes. With this option there are two panes of glass, with an air or gas-filled space in the middle. It insulates much better than single pane glass.

If you’re on a tight budget then energy-efficient windows would be the wisest choice that will save you costs. ENERGY STAR rated windows can save you approximately $126–$465 a year when replacing single-pane windows for an average home in Ontario.

To get a free quote on brand new energy-efficient replacement windows in Mississauga, contact Custom Window Designs. Our experienced window and door professionals can provide you a full assessment based on your homes unique designs. Book an appointment today for a free quote!

interlocking driveways

Cruise Your Way To An Enviable Driveway

After the cold months of winter, there is nothing better than enjoying more daylight and taking in the sight of seeing green grass and budding trees. With all the excitement building around the first few days of spring often time we forget that the cold winter and ice can wreak havoc on the outside of homes, yards, and driveways.

During the winter months, driveways in particular, can be damaged by plummeting temperatures, a cycle of freezing and thawing, and the use of chemical ice melting agents. Depending on the type of driveway, these factors can weaken the surface of a driveway, and seep into cracks to potentially corrode or weaken any steel rods that may be in place (especially with concrete driveways). A general rule of thumb when trying to determine if repairs can be a DIY project or a job for experts, is to measure the cracks in your driveway. If it’s less than one-quarter inch in width: it’s a DIY job. Anything more than that, you’re looking to hire a professionalA professional driveway repair will  ensure your driveway is in the best condition, and can handle any complex repairs.  

Another option is to invest in interlocking driveways. Interlocking driveways not only give your home curb appeal, they are all-weather functional and durable for long lasting use. Interlocking driveways require minor maintenance and the design can be tailored to your preferences. Synergy Contracting is an expert at driveways in the GTA. Using the highest quality products and an expertise in the design and execution of interlocking driveways makes Synergy Contracting the top choice for your all your driveway needs.  

furnace installation

How To Reduce Static Electricity In Your Home

During the colder months when the furnace is running you may notice the air is more dry than usual, your skin feels itchy, and there’s static cling on the surfaces of your carpet or furniture. These are not just symptoms of cold weather, but rather there is a lack of moisture in the air.

Are you shocking your family members with static when you lean in for a hug? Or your hair looks like it’s flying off your head and sticking to your face after you’ve pulled a sweater over your head? It sounds funny, but we know how annoying it can get day after day!

Being in the business of heating and cooling, we’re often asked by homeowners how they can reduce the static electricity in their home and the solution is simple: increase the humidity level in your home, the water particles in the air will break up the static charges and will get rid of those pesky electrons. Air quality is a big part of keeping your family’s health, especially for those who suffer from asthma and sore throats.  

Ask Aire One about installing a humidifier that will run with your HVAC system to deliver optimum levels of humidity throughout your home. Aire One offers quality furnace installation, maintenance, and repairs. An experienced technician can visit your home and provide a full inspection of the air quality, they will offer their best recommendation to keep your home’s air quality comfortable all year round!

furnace aire one

What Makes a High-Efficiency Furnace So Efficient?

When two of the most comforting things came together like an appliance that warms the home and the idea of saving money on energy bills – it’s like the world got better.  For homeowners, despite the initial cost difference making the switch to a high-efficiency furnace is an easy decision. Who wouldn’t want to have a furnace that operates more efficiently and saves them money in the long run?  

But, what is it that makes a high-efficiency furnace so efficient?  We don’t usually ask for the nitty-gritty details when we’re getting a good deal on something, but why let’s take a closer look into the components of a high-efficiency furnace anyway!

A high-efficiency furnace is equipped with a second combustion chamber that collects any gas fume runoff that would normally escape out of the flue on an older type furnace.The second chamber on a high-efficiency furnace will condense the runoff into a liquid and repeat the burning process to generate heat. Your high-efficiency furnace will also have second set of heat exchanger coils or tubes are added to take pressure of the first heat exchanger – this ensures the two exchangers run evenly with less energy, while creating more heat.

The average furnace will typically have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of 78% while high-efficiency furnaces must have a rating of 90% or more under Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations.

For more information on installing a high-efficiency furnace into your home, call the heating & cooling experts at Aire One today!

HVAC installation in Mississauga Aire One

When Should You Get HVAC Installation?

For some homeowners, they’d prefer to call a professional service like Air One to carry out any HVAC inspections. However, some prefer to do it themselves. A task that should be done twice a year, it involves checking the filters, checking for any ductwork problems, firing up and inspecting the furnace flames, and checking the thermostat to ensure it is functioning properly. Regular inspection will ensure that if any problems occur or potential repairs are in the future, the homeowner can take the proper steps to ensure the HVAC system’s efficiency isn’t damaged any more.

While repairs may be an option, sometimes the HVAC system needs complete replacing. A furnace will typically last 15-20 years, while an air conditioner will last only 10-15 years. It is important to check the date of the last HVAC installation to determine when the next installation is needed. Before making any decisions, it is always best to bring in a professional like Air One to complete an inspection to see if HVAC installation is the next step, or if the system only needs repairs.

Maintenance can be done by knowledgeable homeowners, however it is recommended to contact a professional for HVAC installation as the process can be quite difficult. HVAC installations involve multiple steps, and require the expertise and quality service that a professional will offer.