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Essential Tools for Safe Winter Driving

In the winter, even a quick trip to the grocery store can be quite the challenge due to the slippery conditions. As we shift seasons, the decrease in visibility, slippery roads, and consequently, nervous drivers, can make the roads much harder to navigate. In order to keep roads safe during the winter time, it’s important that winter road salt is generously applied to problem areas. Businesses and municipalities are generally responsible for the use of winter road salt, but it’s always helpful to take precautions; here are a few necessities for safe winter travels.

Small folding shovel

If your car is exposed to the elements overnight, you may be forced to dig it out before you can get on with your day. Unfortunately, your hands aren’t a great solution, especially without gloves. Keeping a small folding shovel in your car can help you get out of a tough situation.

Tow and tire chains

Without winter road salt, snow and ice can build up on the road, creating an extremely dangerous environment. If you end up off the road due to a situation like this, the only solution is to be towed out. It’s essential to keep a tow and chains handy so that someone can pull you back onto the roadway.

Winter road salt

No matter your destination, it’s always useful to have winter road salt on hand to navigate the icy pavement. Whether you’re stuck in a parking lot, driveway, or just need to help someone out, winter road salt or even cat litter in a pinch can cure your winter woes.

Snow and ice removal solutions for a winter road.

Best Snow and Ice Removal Solutions

As the temperature drops, snow and ice begin to accumulate on roads, driveways, stairways, and just about any other form of solid pavement. Year after year, we witness car accidents, injuries, and embarrassing slips and falls from unsuspecting pedestrians. While most of us look forward to the light fluffy snow and relief of cool winter weather after a scalding summer, car accidents and injuries are no jokes. Deicing salt is one of the many solutions to combat the buildup of snow and ice, but it’s certainly not the only one.

Deicing Salt

Traditional road salt is the be-all end-all of deicing salt solutions. It can be used as a preventative AND curative solution, and it’s easy to obtain. It’s cheap, effective, and safe, and can even be delivered (1.888.907.SALT(7258) if you find yourself in a pinch.


Salco-18 is an alternative to traditional deicing salt, combining crystals and flakes from sodium chloride (salt) and calcium chloride. The compound is effective down to -18 °C, making it a great option for dire situations. The only issues are that it’s not always safe; it can be damaging to cars and people as it gets kicked up by spinning tires. It can also be a little harder to get a hold of, compared to your usual deicing salt.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is a curative solution for snow and ice removal, meaning it’s most effective when applied after the snow and ice have accumulated. Like Salco-18, Calcium Chloride is an effective variant of deicing salt, even down to -20 °C. However, be careful as it can also harm people, pets, and cars.

window replacement

Window Replacements: Selecting the Right Time & Company

Windows are multipurpose by elevating curb appeal and providing an essential functional element, which is why the maintenance and care of windows is vitally important. Depending on the age of windows and the quality of the product, there will come a time for window replacements. Ensuring you select the right company is as important as the quality of the window itself.

For over 40 years, family owned company Custom Window Designs has been installing and upgrading homes in the GTA and beyond. Below are a few guarantees you receive when selecting Custom Window Designs for your window replacements:

A Reputable Company

Custom Window Designs is a member of CWDMA, a standard recognized as one of the best in the industry, and is backed by a written 5-year workmanship guarantee and an exclusive 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Highest Quality Products

Providing factory direct windows, and offering a wide variety of products, allow you to select the right product for your home. Custom Windows Designs windows are also virtually “maintenance free” due to the care and quality of construction.

Skilled & Dedicated Team

The staff represents over 150 years of combined experience in installation and custom fabricating. Custom Window Designs uses no subcontractors guaranteeing all employees are fully trained installation specialists and complete projects with the highest quality of workmanship.

You can count on the experience of Custom Window Designs to do things right. They can complete window replacements efficiently and correctly. Contact Custom Window Designs today for your FREE QUOTE.

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Using Custom Apparel to Enhance Customer Experience

Summer is a great time to plan an event that will attract more customers to your business. Whether it’s a special event like a day of free refreshments, face painting for kids, or if you’re attending a trade show event outside your place of business, it would be a great idea to use custom apparel to promote your business.

It’s been said that time and time again, smart marketing material is essential to boosting sales and brand awareness. The first thing that most people turn to when deciding how to market their small business is designing new flyers and brochures, or ordering more business cards. Although these types of marketing material is extremely useful for relaying information and providing specific offers, you should also consider other methods not only to market your business, but also to enhance the customer experience. Have you ever thought of using custom apparel and branded products?   

There’s something about custom apparel that creates a closer and more organic connection between the brand and the consumer. Give your customers a way of further connecting with your brand by offering high quality and well designed apparel that they can actually wear. When someone is wearing your brand on a t-shirt, they become a walking advertisement for your business. It’s great advertising, the kind that’s direct without coming across as annoying, or like the ones that pop up before a video you’re trying to stream. People will see it, remember it, or comment on it. When they do, it’s a fashion statement like no other.

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team building with branded t-shirts

Summer Team Building Ideas For The Workplace

Summer is a great time to plan your next team building event because you have the opportunity to stretch your legs, get outside, and enjoy the sunny weather during work hours. So, if you’ve been giving the task of planning the next team building event for your workplace this summer and are looking for some great ideas. Here are a few that have been proven to be fun, effective, and fit the budget. Some of these ideas won’t take more than 20 minutes out of the day, so a great idea would be to host team building week and do one of these a day, or one activity a week, whatever works best for your workplace!

Take an employee to work day

We’ve all heard about ‘take your kids to work day’ but how about employees can visit other departments and experience what it would be like to work in their role. This is great because it is the employees are learning more about each other and gaining exposure into other parts of the business and how they work.

Provide a lounge with couches, entertainment, snacks, and beverage

Combine different groups of people and give them a topic to break out and discuss together.  It doesn’t have to be work related, this will work even if the topic is about the hottest new movie or the best restaurant to eat nearby. The employees have a chance to get to know each other.

Lunch outside the office

It’s not uncommon for the boss to treat employees to a lunch from time to time, but how inviting staff to a lunch outside of their office at a restaurant or patio nearby. There’s something about sharing a meal together that put people more at ease to join in on good conversation and getting to know each other outside the office.

Custom branded apparel giveaways

While you’re planning these activities, have you thought of what kind of employee appreciation gift would be suitable for the event? Many companies give their employees company branded stationary, water bottles, keychains, mugs, custom t-shirts, umbrellas, and more. It would be a great idea for you to plan something like this for your next team building event as it is an easy and affordable way to treat employees with a gift.  

For more information,  you can take a look at the full catalogue of promotional products you can have created and designed by Apex Image Marketing online.


custom apparel

Best Tips for Creating Custom Apparel Designs

When designing custom apparel, you want your product to stand out, clearly share the message intended, and be versatile for all ages and genders. With these qualities, and more, your custom apparel will be an effective marketing tool for your business. Custom apparel can demonstrate your company’s artistic vision and brand image, depending on the text and graphics used.

One common technique is to create t-shirts! Take a look at these popular tips on design:


Ensure that the theme chosen, whether it is bubbly or rustic, matches your brand. Then, when people see the t-shirt, they will immediately think of your brand. Ensure that the typography, colour scheme, and logos are consistent.


With the actual design, there are many appealing options for your custom apparel depending on the graphics you want to use. You could place a large image in the front center, place the logo on the left side of the chest, add text on the back, or do a combination of them all.


Nothing is worst than an uncomfortable t-shirt! Make sure your audience will actually want to wear your custom apparel for it’s nice fabric, cool design, and perfect fit.

When you’re ready to start designing, contact the experts at Apex Image Marketing for some help and more tips to help your business.  

branded apparel

How Branded Apparel Creates Better Company Culture

Branded apparel has many benefits for your business! Marketing experts like those at Apex Image Marketing, highlight the importance it has on company culture and image, as well as loyalty, professionalism, community and recognition.

Creating branded apparel can be done in multiple different ways, whether it is an at-work uniform, or additional apparel for employees to wear during their time off. For the purpose of this conversation, I’m focusing on the benefits of offering employees additional company ‘swag.’

Community & Culture 

By offering employees additional sweatshirts and t-shirts, employees feel a sense of community and stronger culture amongst other employees. It creates a sense of positive inclusivity, for employees from that company to all share that apparel together.


Branded apparel also creates loyalty amongst employees who are a part of the team and with all of these additional benefits, want to stay on the team. Everyone loves a fun workplace, and by offering company apparel this shares that with everyone.


If employees choose to wear company apparel in appropriate settings, this creates recognition for potential new customers as well as staying top of mind for old ones.

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custom apparel brand awareness

Building Brand Awareness with Custom Apparel

Brand awareness is an important concept in today’s hyper visual world. Some fear the effect branding can have on society, especially with a media saturated culture. However, it could be argued that branding can have a positive impact on people as well. Humans often identify with branding that aligns with their personal values and beliefs, which can build a mutually supportive relationship. Conscious consumerism is also a result of people wanting to use and control their buying power; both of these impacts the way businesses brand themselves, because to ensure financial success they need to understand, relate, and connect to their target audience.

These same trends are apparent in the corporate world, with companies creating custom apparel that helps their employees feel connected and represented; while also promoting their company outside of the office. Once again, the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship can be established by providing employees with custom apparel. As an example, gifting employees with an embroidered sweater can help them feel appreciated. If employees feel valued and acknowledged by their company it can help build loyalty, and wearing their company’s brand in their daily life can elevate the pride one feels for their company or work.

Apex Image Marketing has an array of products that can be customized to promote a company’s brand- whether it is for a special event or everyday work life. Selecting apparel that best fits your brand image will help build a strong relationship between your business, employees, and customers. Start building your relationship today!

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How Custom T-Shirts Changed Brand Marketing

T-shirts are a staple in today’s wardrobe. Countless fashion blogs reference the “classic T,” but back in the nineteenth century, T-shirts were rarely seen, especially in public. T-shirts were considered undergarments, with wider and shorter necks (one can call to mind episodes of Mad Men, when male characters would be dressing in the morning and putting their dress shirts over their “undergarments”).

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the T-shirt was adopted by particular industries as a lighter alternative- such as miners and the United States navy began to issue them because they were easy to slip on. The evolution of the T-shirt hit its pinnacle around 1920 when the word “T-shirt” was made part of the American English language.  The T-shirt was slowly adopted into people’s everyday routines after WWII, when veterans could be seen wearing them as casual wear and young boys often wore them while doing outside chores. In the 1950’s the T-shirt became the staple we know it to be today when people began to customize them.

Custom T-shirts are prevalent in fashion today and can serve an array of purposes. Some continue to use them as undergarments or do to outdoor work but often; they are used as a branding tool. Companies such as Apex Image Marketing provide services that allow businesses or individuals, to create and brand custom t-shirts. As Apex states “if you are going to be highly visible, then you may as well make a statement while you are at it.”

The Wonderful Uses of Rock Salt

Rock salt is primarily known as a solution used for deicing and removing snow on the roads.However, it has other purposes as well. It is a mineral form of sodium chloride that we also use in water treatment, animal and chemical industries. Formed by the evaporation of salty sea water rock salt is deposited in dry lake beds, inland marginal seas, bays, and estuaries.

It has been used for animal nutrition, specifically by farmers as a supplement for cattle. It has also been used on plants to provide the missing nutritional needs. Present in the food industry as well, it is used with meat and fish to ensure conservation over time. Rock salt is also used for softening hard water to be used as raw materials. Finally, rock salt is used as an exfoliating agent – offered by many spas in their beauty packages.

Focusing more on its use for deicing and removal of snow, it is important to talk to professionals at Draglam Salt. They know the proper ways of applying it to reduce the risk of environmental damage. Before applying the rock salt, shovel the snow away from the area. After watching the salt melt away the ice, remove the ice with a brush or a shovel. If necessary, apply more salt afterwards. Remember to always monitor the weather conditions to ensure it is cold enough for salt application.