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3 Keys to Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, the process can be overwhelming. So when selecting the right real estate agent, they should provide confidence and peace of mind. However, how can you determine what real estate agent is the perfect fit for you and your needs? Below are a 3 ways you can size up an agent’s record and potential –before you hire.

Research their Reputation and Pick a Winner

Make sure a prospective agent is licensed, respected, and awarded by clients, real estate peers, and staff members.

Select an Agent with Experience

Select an agent who has been in real estate for 5 years and one who has a particular knowledge of the area your home, or desired home, are in.

Look at Current Activity

Select an agent who is regularly active and has an attractive presentation on the web; as it shows they know how to use this tool effectively.

If you are looking for an agent with a specialty in MLS listings Toronto, and meets these 3 criteria guidelines, then Elli Davis is the agent for you. Elli Davis has an experienced team of licensed professionals, full time administration, and is recognized by her peers and clients as “the perfect professional, always going the extra mile.” She is consistently ranked as the #1 agent for Royal LePage in Toronto for over 24 years and specializes in all central Toronto residential areas including homes and condominiums. If your looking to be added to her listings of homes sold in 30 days, contact Elli Davis today!

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Taste The Fresh New Flavours of Summer!

Flowers aren’t the only thing that’s blooming this season. Applebee’s is springing forward with fresh new menu items that will satisfy your taste buds just like feeling of the first warm and sunny days of summer. It’s getting easier to waltz out the door and enjoy an outing with the family without all the fuss of winter gear and snowy roads.

Treat your family to great food at Applebee’s and try their favourite Springtime picks from their menu:

Fiesta Lime Chicken

6 oz. grilled chicken breast, mexi-ranch dressing, cheddar, tortilla chips, mexi-rice and pico.

Honey Pepper Chicken and Shrimp

6 oz. grilled chicken breast with fried shrimp, honey pepper sauce, crisp red potatoes, and seasonal side vegetables.

Crunchy Thai Salad with Sauteed Shrimp

Fresh asian greens, cilantro, rice noodles, cucumber, roasted red peppers, red onion, tomatoes, and tangy thai vinaigrette.

All of these flavours are so tempting, it’ll be hard to choose just one! Along with these picks, you can also choose from all of their Applebee’s family classic menu items, like shepard’s pie, grilled burgers, fish and chips, and more!

Applebee’s is the best place to dine-in, if you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Ajax, as well as a great social environment to get together with friends and coworkers. Visit after work, the big game or shopping! Come by Applebee’s anytime at 155 Kingston Rd E in Ajax.

The Wonderful Uses of Rock Salt

Rock salt is primarily known as a solution used for deicing and removing snow on the roads.However, it has other purposes as well. It is a mineral form of sodium chloride that we also use in water treatment, animal and chemical industries. Formed by the evaporation of salty sea water rock salt is deposited in dry lake beds, inland marginal seas, bays, and estuaries.

It has been used for animal nutrition, specifically by farmers as a supplement for cattle. It has also been used on plants to provide the missing nutritional needs. Present in the food industry as well, it is used with meat and fish to ensure conservation over time. Rock salt is also used for softening hard water to be used as raw materials. Finally, rock salt is used as an exfoliating agent – offered by many spas in their beauty packages.

Focusing more on its use for deicing and removal of snow, it is important to talk to professionals at Draglam Salt. They know the proper ways of applying it to reduce the risk of environmental damage. Before applying the rock salt, shovel the snow away from the area. After watching the salt melt away the ice, remove the ice with a brush or a shovel. If necessary, apply more salt afterwards. Remember to always monitor the weather conditions to ensure it is cold enough for salt application.

rock salt supplier Draglam Salt you can depend on

Rock Salt Supplier You Can Depend On

Business owners are not only responsible for servicing their customers, they also have an added task of maintaining their property, which is especially important during harsh winters. After a big snowstorm, business owners have to wake up extra early in order to get to their business to shovel their parking lot and walk-way for their customers. Under occupier’s liability, they are responsible for maintaining the safety of any customer invited onto their property. With this, it is important they are aware of these necessary steps for precaution of any injuries.

While sometimes the actual owner of the property is expected for landscaping and snow removal, sometimes the responsibility is on the tenant (business owner) of the property.  There are many options for business owners to either service another company for snow removal, or they can do it themselves!

Draglam Salt is recognized as Ontario’s rock salt suppliers, as they provide dependable supply and spread bulk salt services. They offer regular service, able to handle any parking lot or roadway. Whether the owner decides to contract out snow removal, or purchase from a rock salt supplier, Draglam Salt is a great option! Providing a variety of liquid and solid materials, they also provide environmentally-friendly alternatives to those worried about the impact salt can have on the ecological drawbacks.

Spring Cleaning by Removing Smells with The POG

Start Your Spring Cleaning by Removing Smells!

With great news of a predicted early spring from Canada’s Groundhog, it is time to start thinking about summer plans. Some common summer activities include boating, camping, and visiting the cottage. As the warm weather begins, it is time to start preparing for these activities, by bringing out the boat, airing out the camper, and unlocking the cottage. However, after months of being cooped up, sometimes these processes take longer than desired. This is often due to the smell of storage and mildew that has accumulated from either being unused or locked in a garage.

One solution for this is by using The POG odour eliminator, it can help remove smells faster and more efficiently. Placing one in the camper on a 3 hour cycle as it is being aired out will help in removing the smell of stale odours and bacteria buildup. Secondly, before taking the boat out on the water, placing The POG in the cabin will help prevent not only stale odours, but also strong sea odours. Finally, the POG is a necessity at the cottage in common areas to freshen up the rooms. Accidents happen, and sometimes food is unfortunately left inside the cottage fridge during the winter season. After clearing out the food, The POG is also an efficient device to remove smells from inside the fridge!

There are a variety of uses for The POG, making it a necessity for every family, keeping the air clean and odours away!

My Experience with Personal Injury and Finding a Lawyer in Toronto

My Experience with Personal Injury and Finding a Lawyer in Toronto

Back in 2015, I experienced a bad vehicle accident that left me with multiple injuries. Soon after, I started experiencing injuries in my back, restricting me from my marketing job. From a referral from a friend, she suggested I contact a highly recognized Toronto Lawyer Zayouna Law. Worried about my rights within my insurance company, and potential compensation for my loss of work; I was very pleased with my experience at Zayouna Law. The professional staff showed my care, sympathy and commitment during my year long legal process. In the end, I was very satisfied with my settlement, and I felt I received the compensation I deserved – thanks  to the pleasure of working with amazing professionals. Now, I recommend my friends and family who are looking for a Toronto lawyer to contact Zayouna Law for courteous, understanding, and experienced lawyers.

After this experience, I learned multiple lessons in regards to personal injury law. First, I learned the importance of working with a lawyer who you can TRUST and BELIEVE is working in your best interest. Second, a professional lawyer will always help you navigate through the complex legal system, and give you insight on when and how to communicate with your insurance company. Third, this is of most  importance  and crucial to any case: I contacted Zayouna Law very soon  after my accident. You put your case at potential risk the farther time goes by.

My experience with Zayouna Law made the entire process less emotionally straining.  Thanks again to the amazing Toronto lawyers that helped me and my family with our personal injury case.

How Flyer Mailing Can Help Your Small Business DRMG

How Flyer Mailing Can Help Your Small Business

At DRMG, they’re experienced in print services for a variety of different types of businesses. Since 1996, they’ve circulated over 150,000,000 direct mail products throughout Canada, reaching approximately 5.5 million homes monthly. Through strong positive ratings from our customers on Google reviews, they also have great testimonials from business owners who have used flyer mailing services.

Experienced in flyer mailing, DRMG has helped generate leads for many businesses. Here are some examples and what they had to say:

  1. Cagney’s is a local historic restaurant recognized for top dining since 1974. They have been working with us for over 15 years and say DRMG is the only advertising they use. They say their positive experiences have been with lead generations, the ability to reach out to new and old customers, and getting business on regularly slow nights.
  2. Exclusive Contractors have 15 years of industry experience, moving from commercial to residential products. They use DRMG for print advertising and are thrilled at their success with client leads through our print campaigns.
  3. RCC Waterproofing is a 3rd generation business and industry leader. They’ve worked with us at DRMG for over 9 years and can rely on us for standard and continuous lead generation through print. They love knowing that people will see their business on a flyer inside their home!  

Flyer mailing is a proven method for generating business leads. If you’re interested in gaining leads and increasing sales, talk to DRMG about print opportunities, today!  

The Best Way To Clean Hockey Equipment The POG

The Best Way To Clean Hockey Equipment

The winter season also means hockey season! While the family fully supports the children’s love for hockey, what they don’t support is the smell that comes with it. Hockey gear and bags can leave a stale and sweaty odour not only on the equipment but around your house as well.

Do what you can to stop the hockey smell from moving around your entire house with the POG. It acts as an air purifier to remove any air contamination. To remove the hockey smell you have a few options: you can place the POG on a 3-hour cycle inside the hockey bag itself, or hang your sports equipment in a closet and place the POG in the room. During this 3 hour cycle, the POG’s air purifier will naturally destroy viruses and odours to remove bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals, deodorizers, and cleansers.

The POG will work effectively around the strong smelling gear so your family can enjoy the sports without the smell. Invite your friends over without having to worry about them noticing the stink around your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about how The POG works as an air purifier, take a look at their website to find out other ways which The POG works around your home. And how it works effectively and naturally.

Why Repeat Flyer Campaigns Actually Work! DRMG Direct Response Media Group

Why Repeat Flyer Campaigns Actually Work!

The fact that your business finds value in using flyer mailing as a marketing strategy shows that you still value the more traditional ways of advertising. It remains as very relevant and effective way of spreading the word about your business. If you’ve tried running a flyer campaign and didn’t immediately get the results you expected, you might actually be losing out on the progress you’ve made by switching between different methods.

The way flyer mailing works is that it’s effectiveness increases with every mail out. Think of it as every time your flyer reaches your targeted audience, you keep your brand and the top of the consumer’s mind. You need to give the campaign enough to saturate into the awareness of your audience by continuing to provide exposure to your brand.

Every campaign doesn’t have to contain the same offer or promotions. Keeping the content fresh is another way to attract attention. Learn from the previous campaign, perhaps the contest didn’t gain enough traction. Try offering a promotion on a new product or service. No matter what you choose to present to your audience, keep the tone consistent with your brand, ensure that every image or statement speaks around your brand.

In most cases, business owner’s can benefit from seeking the expertise of direct mail marketing companies like DRMG.  DRMG can offer strategic planning, premium ad designs…  and more! Contact DRMG today for a free quote and consultation for your small business.