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How Franchises Will Be Affected By Ontario’s Changing Workplaces Review

There are new changes happening to Ontario’s employment and labour laws. On May 23rd 2017, the Ontario government released its report to the Changing Workplaces Review. This is one of the most comprehensive and largest changes to the labour laws in the last 30 years. The Review covered broader employment issues to protect workers. They consolidated three acts: the Employment Standards Act, 2000, the Labour Relations Act, 1995 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act into the “Workplace Rights Act.”

Key takeaways to consider for the Changing Workplaces Review:

  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • Overtime and Hours of Work
  • Leaves; personal emergency, bereavement, sick days.
  • Equal Pay
  • Enforcement
  • Specific sector changes to labour relations

The Review has peaked interest among franchisors, as changes to the prevailing legislation could have imposed joint employer status on franchisors for employees of their franchisees. To the relief of the franchisors, the Report does not recommend a franchisor be deemed to be a joint employer with its franchisees. However, it does make recommendations to allow employees of multiple franchises (of the same brand) to bargain centrally with representatives in one geographical area.

Are you a franchise owner? Unsure d how these recommendations may affect your business? Stay informed. Contact Law Works, one of Canada’s leading experts in business disputes, including debtor-creditor rights, class actions, lease agreements, professional negligence, trademark infringement, shareholder disputes, joint ventures, misrepresentations, injunctions, insolvencies and receiverships.

Law Works franchise lawyers are happy to discuss how Ontario’s Changing Workplaces Review may affect your franchise operations.

Direct mail advertising in Greater Toronto Area mailboxes.

How to Use Direct Mail to Target Customers in the GTA

If you are looking to grow your business, direct mail advertising is a highly effective way to target customers in the GTA. Unlike digital marketing which employs a mass-mailing approach, direct mail is much more curated and personalized, thus giving it an advantage in a world where consumers are constantly being targeted by email ads and other forms of digital advertising.

Find out how direct mail advertising uses a strategic approach to target customers and why it generates a higher response rate than conventional digital advertising.

Understand your target market

It’s important to understand your target market before devising a direct mail campaign. This means familiarizing yourself with the demographic that is relevant to your good or service. For instance, a company that offers residential interior decorating services may wish to target homeowners between the ages of thirty and sixty who have a certain level of disposable income. Furthermore, understanding the shopping behaviours, attitudes towards trends, and lifestyle habits of your target customers can help you determine the best way to communicate your message.

Determine a targeted mailing list

Your direct mail service provider can help you use the leads you have acquired through market research to target customers who will likely be interested in your product or service. As well, they can work with you to determine which particular direct mail medium, such as a flyer, brochure, or magazine, is most likely to resonate with your audience. Targeted mailing lists may be more research intensive than a mass-market approach, but they often generate a better response rate and foster a sense of brand loyalty. Most importantly, they enable you to pinpoint your best leads so there is less waste and a higher response rate.

To expand your business’ reach in the GTA, find out how to launch an effective direct mail campaign today!

Rock Salt Delivery and Storage

If you’re buying in bulk, most major road salt suppliers will offer delivery of your order to your place of business.   Understandably, with a high demand of businesses needing road salt during the winter, it is unlikely you’ll get delivery on small amounts. However, there are many benefits to buying in bulk and furthermore, to arranging a constant supply of road salt to be delivered directly to you.  For starters, stockpiling will save you a great deal of time on having you pick up and move you supplies yourself.  It will also save you money when you buy in bulk and ensure that your supply of road salt is there when you need it most.

Let’s face it.  For those of us in the snow removal business, you can agree that you can never have too much salt.  In fact, you always want to ensure you have more than enough to ease you mind that you will be able to sustain your business throughout an entire season.

Many businesses are resorting to salt domes setup and provided by Draglam Salt in Toronto and the surrounding areas.  The salt domes are available in many different sizes depending on the needs of the business.  Domes range in sizes from 17-18 feet to 30-60 feet and have become a convenient and secure way to purchase and store their delivery of road salts in Toronto.

Discover ways you can grow your snow removal business with the products and services of Draglam Salt, Ontario’s supplier of choice for bulk and bagged salt services.

custom tshirts

Why Your Business Needs Custom T-Shirt Designs

As a marketing strategy, custom t-shirts can be used for many purposes. When designing your own t-shirt, it can be altered depending on the event or promotion it’ll be used for. You can add your own personal touch to the shirt; choose an image that best represents your brand. Custom t-shirts can be created for the entire team to wear during an event, as a giveaway for a promotion, or to hand out to employees for free. If you can think of another great purpose for a t-shirt – that will work too! This marketing technique is flexible, and can change depending on your purpose.

There are many benefits to creating custom t-shirts, here’s my quick list below:

Walking Advertisement

Having other people, whether they are employees or customers wear your custom t-shirt is free advertising. It shows other people who see this t-shirt that the person wearing it thinks positively about your business enough to put your logo on their backs, and keeps your brand top of mind.


Not only is it an advertising strategy, but it is a cheap one! Creating custom t-shirts in bulk is an affordable option for your business.


By creating custom t-shirts, this creates unity between the business and the people that wear them. Those wearing the shirts will feel a sense of togetherness and shared experiences.

Contact Apex Image Marketing for all your marketing needs!

furnace repair

How To Maintain Continuous Furnace Repair

To save money on costly repairs, I pay close attention to any potential problems that could occur with my HVAC system. Through regular furnace maintenance, I am able to spot any problems before they get serious and contact Air One professionals to stop by for a visit. I believe furnace maintenance is a team effort! My role as a homeowner is to follow the proper precautions to keep my home’s systems working efficiently, and if any problems do occur I know I can then trust the team at Air One to assist with any repairs.

The following is my to do list with continuous furnace maintenance:

  1. A dirty filter can cause furnace malfunctions. With multiple smokers, 1-2 inch filters should be changed monthly,  4 inch filters should be changed every 2 months, and 5 inch filters can be changed every 3 months. With a one smoker, 1-2 inch filters should be changed every 2 months, 4 inches should be changed every 4 months, and 5 inch filters can be changed every 6 months.
  2. Ensure the airflow is not blocked by any boxes or furniture.
  3. If the furnace starts to smell or make loud noises, contact Air One to have a professional stop in for an inspection.
  4. Set the thermostat to lower during peak times of the day when the family is not home. This will save money and stress on the furnace.
  5. Inspect the fans to ensure they are not clouded with dust and build up.
tax preparation ontario

Ten Benefits of Softron’s Tax Preparation Courses

The first tax season can be daunting. This is why it is important to be researched in tax preparation, so when the season rolls around there won’t be any lingering questions. By using Softron, this is one way to have these questions answered!

As a single woman living in the city with a full time job, I was fully on my own. I didn’t know anything about filing taxes and wasn’t aware of any tax savings options I could take advantage of. After meeting with the professionals at Softron tax, I was given tips on these options. Learning about starting an RRSP, claiming tuition, rent receipts and more –  I feel I have a better understanding for when I go into my second tax season. Upon recommendation, I signed up for Softron’s tax course to learn the skills I need in order to get the most of my money after filing.

Softron lists 10 benefits of taking their courses, and after taking the course, I feel confident that I can have these benefits.

  1. Save Money Doing Your Own Taxes
  2. Make Tax Laws Work For You
  3. How to Prepare and File Tax Returns
  4. Proven Tax Saving Ideas
  5. Know about New Changes to Canadian Tax Laws
  6. How to Maintain Necessary Tax Records
  7. A Marketable Skill That Will Always Be In Demand
  8. Free Educational Software
  9. Upon Completion, Successful Students will Receive “Certificate of Accomplishment”.
  10. Real Life Case Study To Give You Hands On Experience
interlocking patios west gta

How To Keep Your Interlocking Patios Looking It’s Best

A nice interlocking patio can improve the overall aesthetic of a home. Some of the benefits of interlocking patios are the lack of maintenance involved compared to other patio solutions. With concrete and paved patios, sometimes over time, patios start to develop cracks, misalignment or bulges. When deciding to use Synergy Contracting to install a new interlocking patio for West GTA homes, exposing why the previous patio developed cracks could help reduce the risk of future issues with any newly installed patio.

While in most cases, the cause of the issues stem from the patio being installed a long time ago, sometimes the problem comes from below the surface. First, if it was a previously installed interlocking patio, remove one or two of the stones. Using a screwdriver will help wiggle the stone out of place without disrupting the rest of the design. Next, in order to find out what is happening underneath, remove some of the leveling base sand. This will help with determining if there was a ground shift, sand shift, growth of new roots, eroded gravel or sand, or if there were any systemic problems. After finding out the cause of the problem, this will help the professional installing the new interlocking patio ensure the same issue won’t occur again.

Synergy Contracting has amazing reviews online from customers praising their services with interlocking patios West GTA. With professional and courteous staff, I always recommend their services to my neighbors looking to freshen up their patio’s overall look!

pool closing niagara

Tips to Start Preparing Your Pool for Closing

If you’ve decided it’s time to say farewell to your pool until next season, than it’s time to book your appointment for your pool closing date. Dive in and enjoy the luxury of being a pool owner while you still can because once the pool is closed, it’ll be a few long months of winter before we feel warm weather again in the Niagara region.

Here’s what you can do to help prepare for your pool closing appointment:


Remove any dirt or debris that could be floating at the surface of the water.  Be as thorough as possible as it is the last time you’ll be cleaning the water before the Spring.  Any dirt or debris left behind can be a real hassle when it comes time to open the pool. Vacuum the bottom of the pool and brush the walls to remove any build of grime and algae.


Bring the water level down to below the return jets to prevent any damage during the winter however, be careful not to reduce the water level too much!  You need enough water to weigh down the pool if or when the soil beneath the pool freezes and expands over the winter.


Your pool water should be treated at least 5 days prior to closing.  The pool’s water chemistry before closing is very important to reduce any risk for corrosion and to prevent scale build up.  

Total alkalinity should be between 80 and 120ppm, while the pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6

To book your pool closing in the Niagara region contact Total Pro Pools.  For all your pool needs, trust a total pro!

spring air with aire one hvac contractor cleaning

Why You Should Find an HVAC Contractor To Clean Your Air

Other than ensuring a home’s HVAC systems are efficient and up-to-date, there are other systems which can improve the air quality in a home. There are humidifiers, air cleaners, and heat recovery ventilators, each focus on clearing out the home’s air toxins. Air One is not only an HVAC contractor, but also offers a variety of these air qualifying systems.

There are many benefits to HVAC cleaning, that will help improve the home’s air quality and overall health of those who live there. HVAC cleaning improves energy efficiency, as it removes contaminants that are reducing the functionality of the system. After the cleaning is done, more energy can be used, improving its efficiency and overall reducing the monthly costs. Cleaning the HVAC system also removes the regular contaminants that are constantly re-circulated throughout the day, eventually leading to buildup in the ductwork. HVAC cleaning removes this result from occurring.

Air One is a great solution for HVAC cleaning needs. With its 24 hour emergency service, professional and experienced staff, they will ensure any questions are answered and quality service is delivered. Serving Ontario since 1990, they are a trusted by many homeowners in the area, which can be proven by amazing customer reviews found on their website.

Steps to Resolving Franchise Disputes

There is no such thing as a long-lasting relationship without any disagreements. However, as time passes, things will inevitably change. The original relationship entered into gets altered one way or another, and people involved tend to want different things the other party may not. This is when disagreements can occur. The same idea happens with franchise agreements, and it’s a very common thing. So, don’t let it get you down if you’re experiencing a dispute with your franchisor.

Here are steps you can take to try to resolve your franchise dispute:

Step 1

Let the franchisor know what the incurring problem. Write a summary that is factual, clear and concise. Advise the franchisor how the problem has affected certain aspects of the business and what your proposition to solve the disagreement. This proposal has to be documented in writing, properly dated and provided to the franchisor in this manner.

Step 2

Speak to the franchisor about the issues raised in the written request. Attempt to reach a resolution and written agreement.

Step 3

If you are unable to solve the dispute and reach a mutual agreement with the franchisor, speak with your franchise lawyer about handling the case – some legalities may be too complex with contractual disagreements. Your franchise lawyer will work for your best interests and fight for the best possible resolution that you may be entitled to. Allow your lawyer to carefully examine your franchise agreement and determine the next course of action.

Step 4

At this point, if a resolution has not yet been reached, your lawyer may recommend taking your issues with the franchisor to mediation. This is a mandatory process that is required by the rules of the court.

Step 5

If a resolution is not reach through mediation, your lawyer will determine whether or not arbitration is an appropriate procedure. They will determine the next course of action based on the enforceability of arbitration and the cost with your best interest in mind.

If you haven’t done so already, speak to a franchise lawyer about any disputes you are experiencing. Receive legal advice to help you reach a satisfied resolution you are happy with.

Contact a Franchise Lawyer in Mississauga at Law Works, it never hurts to speak to someone who has real experience in franchise business matters.