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How Custom T-Shirts Changed Brand Marketing

T-shirts are a staple in today’s wardrobe. Countless fashion blogs reference the “classic T,” but back in the nineteenth century, T-shirts were rarely seen, especially in public. T-shirts were considered undergarments, with wider and shorter necks (one can call to mind episodes of Mad Men, when male characters would be dressing in the morning and putting their dress shirts over their “undergarments”).

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the T-shirt was adopted by particular industries as a lighter alternative- such as miners and the United States navy began to issue them because they were easy to slip on. The evolution of the T-shirt hit its pinnacle around 1920 when the word “T-shirt” was made part of the American English language.  The T-shirt was slowly adopted into people’s everyday routines after WWII, when veterans could be seen wearing them as casual wear and young boys often wore them while doing outside chores. In the 1950’s the T-shirt became the staple we know it to be today when people began to customize them.

Custom T-shirts are prevalent in fashion today and can serve an array of purposes. Some continue to use them as undergarments or do to outdoor work but often; they are used as a branding tool. Companies such as Apex Image Marketing provide services that allow businesses or individuals, to create and brand custom t-shirts. As Apex states “if you are going to be highly visible, then you may as well make a statement while you are at it.”