End of Summer Yard Maintenance Quick Tips

The beginning and end of every season is the perfect opportunity to do general yarn maintenance around your home.  As the seasons change, don’t you find there’s always something new to do and something old to clear out in the yard?  Guess it’s just a part of owning and taking care of a well kept garden and lawn!

As we near the end of Summer, here’s what you can do to keep your lawn and garden in tip top shape for the upcoming cold season:

  • Weed treatment is important to eliminate mature weed plants and give your lawn enough time to fill in the holes before it goes dormant over the winter.
  • Adding mulch is not a garden maintenance task we only do in the Spring.  By the end of Summer, you might notice areas that have been rustled with and need to be filled.  Often by the end of the Summer, you should be able to find some good deals and prices on mulch from your local garden centre.
  • If you have brick garden bed retainers, check to see if any bricks have gone out of alignment or need to be replaced.
  • Dead trees and bushes should be removed from the yard.
  • This is a good time to plan your flower beds for next season. If you can find bulb flowers now is the time to plant them for early flowers next spring.

Setting aside a couple hours to complete these tasks while the weather’s still warm can save you a lot of hassle after the winter season.  For all your garden and lawn care needs, contact the professionals at Cedar Ground Maintenance in Mississauga.

team building with branded t-shirts

Summer Team Building Ideas For The Workplace

Summer is a great time to plan your next team building event because you have the opportunity to stretch your legs, get outside, and enjoy the sunny weather during work hours. So, if you’ve been giving the task of planning the next team building event for your workplace this summer and are looking for some great ideas. Here are a few that have been proven to be fun, effective, and fit the budget. Some of these ideas won’t take more than 20 minutes out of the day, so a great idea would be to host team building week and do one of these a day, or one activity a week, whatever works best for your workplace!

Take an employee to work day

We’ve all heard about ‘take your kids to work day’ but how about employees can visit other departments and experience what it would be like to work in their role. This is great because it is the employees are learning more about each other and gaining exposure into other parts of the business and how they work.

Provide a lounge with couches, entertainment, snacks, and beverage

Combine different groups of people and give them a topic to break out and discuss together.  It doesn’t have to be work related, this will work even if the topic is about the hottest new movie or the best restaurant to eat nearby. The employees have a chance to get to know each other.

Lunch outside the office

It’s not uncommon for the boss to treat employees to a lunch from time to time, but how inviting staff to a lunch outside of their office at a restaurant or patio nearby. There’s something about sharing a meal together that put people more at ease to join in on good conversation and getting to know each other outside the office.

Custom branded apparel giveaways

While you’re planning these activities, have you thought of what kind of employee appreciation gift would be suitable for the event? Many companies give their employees company branded stationary, water bottles, keychains, mugs, custom t-shirts, umbrellas, and more. It would be a great idea for you to plan something like this for your next team building event as it is an easy and affordable way to treat employees with a gift.  

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