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3 Ways To Make Planning Your Kids Birthday Party Easier

Planning a kids birthday party is no easy task; as an adult it can be hard to determine whether a particular theme or activity will be enjoyable, let alone keeping track of everything from the food, to invitations, to decorations. In order to ensure your birthday party is a success, it’s important to stay organized and plan ahead so you can be relaxed the day of the event.

Here are 3 ways to make planning your kids birthday party a seamless and stress-free experience:

Create a budget.

Before you get started on ordering food, buying supplies, and deciding on entertainment, take some time to devise a budget for yourself. This will help you stay on track and avoid overspending. Chances are you’ll be less stressed and more likely to remain within budget if you know how your money is being allocated.

Devise a pre-party timeline.

Devising a pre-party timeline can help you stay organized and ensure nothing is forgotten so you’re not running around at the last minute. Try to determine what you will do to prepare in the weeks leading up to the party. For example, a month before the event, you can choose a theme, determine the guest list, confirm your child’s best friends, and reserve a venue and entertainment. 3 weeks before the party you can mail invitations, purchase some party supplies and decorations, and start on making party favours. At week 2, you can call guests who have not yet responded. This means, in the days leading up to the party all you have to do is purchase the food, cake, and put up the decorations.

Develop an entertainment itinerary.

Unlike adults, who can do without constant entertainment at a birthday party, kids tend to get bored easily. Create an entertainment itinerary for the occasion; this can include allocating time slots to various games, paid entertainers, and arts and crafts. By creating a schedule, you can avoid lulls and ensure your guests are entertained throughout the party.

If you live in Toronto and are looking for an easy way to plan a kids birthday party that’s guaranteed to be a blast, check out Chocolate Tales, for a fun, interactive, pre-organized, chocolate making party that comes to you!


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Kids Birthday Party Ideas: Creative Loot Bag Items

Tired of the same old discount store goodies to fill your kid’s birthday party loot bags? If you’re like me, trying to get more and more creative every year but winding up being a major Pinterest fail instead. Then this year you’re going to need to kick it up a notch and aim for treats that kids will actually love, ones that won’t end up in the landfill.  

Try these birthday party loot bags ideas for your next event:


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Bombs away! Kids absolutely love these, just drop it into the bath and watch as it fizzes and bubbles. Some bath bombs even turn the water cool colours and they smell amazing.



You can’t go wrong with sidewalk chalk, it’s a simple joy for kids. It doesn’t cost much and it’s available almost anywhere in cool colour themes too like pastels and fluorescent.  


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You can get plain white t-shirts and fabric markers from your local stores that sell arts and crafts materials. You can even do this as an activity during the party and then your guests can take their decorated t-shirt home with them.


Host a chocolate-themed birthday party, including a hands on chocolate-making experience for all your little chocolate monsters. Chocolate Tales Kids is a popular birthday party idea in Toronto; you get your very own chocolatier to come to your party and host an unforgettable event for kids and parents. It’s great because they take care of the setup and clean up, the kids make their own nut-free Belgian chocolate treats with fun candy mix ins. After they’ve completed their chocolate creations, they can wrap them up and take them home in pretty packaging!

For more creative birthday party ideas for your little ones, contact Chocolate Tales Kids today and book your next event!